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Boutique hotel

From a great love for the Spanish country...

The landscapes, the sun, the culture, the gastronomy, the wines, the tranquility... After more than 28 years of running Restaurant Mélange, we have decided to exchange this for something new: Finca La Mixtura with a small version of Restaurant Mélange .

In October 2019 we bought a property in Ontinyent, beautifully located in the province of Valencia.Finca La Mixtura is a beautiful, restored castle from 1850. 

Boutique hotel

There are four luxury suites on the first floor. These are each furnished in their own style, including a private terrace, hammam bathroom, library or a bath in one of the castle turrets with a unique view. On the second floor there are four cozy loft rooms. 


A medieval town with beautiful nature and old city center, located between Alicante and Valencia. Ontinyent was conquered from the Arabs by King Jaime in 1244 and was thus admitted to the Kingdom of Valencia. This is still extensively celebrated annually: "Moros y Cristianos de Ontinyent".

Ontinyent used to be the textile city of Spain, which is still visible in many places. There is also a "Museo del Tèxtil".


There are 6 natural springs where you can swim, including the most famous "Pou Clar". Serra de Mariola, a natural park of no less than 17 hectares, is also nearby. If you want to explore other beautiful towns, it is best to visit Xátiva or Alcoy.

We, Mark and Inge, would like to welcome you soon to our boutique hotel with restaurant!

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