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Cookie and privacy policy

Information about the use of cookies

Cookie technology is used on this website:

Depending on the settings of your web browser, certain data is collected. These are automatically sent to the website provider by your browser using a cookie when you visit this website. This information usually concerns the IP address assigned to your computer and the type of operating system and browser installed. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the hard drive of your computer from a web server. A distinction is made between a “session cookie” and a “long-term cookie”.

Session cookies: A session cookie is created each time you visit this website. It contains a randomly created, unique identification number that is assigned to your computer. The validity of a session cookie expires automatically when you close the browser. The session cookies are used to support the functionality of the website and to know more about your use of the website, which means which pages you open, which links you use and how long you stay on the different pages.

Long-lasting cookies: To the extent permissible, long-lasting cookies are used. These cookies do not expire when you close your browser, but they remain on the hard drive until they expire after a certain period of time or are deleted by you. Each time you visit this website, the web server recognizes the long-term cookie stored on the hard drive of your computer. By commanding such a long-term, unique recognition of your computer, favorite settings and the way they are used can be stored in a database. This allows us to map how often you visit this website, how your user habits change and how effective the website's advertising activities are. This information does not store any personal data, only the actions performed with your computer.

If you click through to the website via an email you have received, or if a "user identity" was created during your visit, the information provided by the website or third-party cookies may be combined with information from the databases of the provider's website. linked, which can be linked back to your identity.

Consent to the use of cookies: Your prior consent is not required for session cookies because they are only necessary for the functioning of the website and expire once you have left the website. The use of long-term cookies, which store your favorite settings and your user history but are not necessary for the functionality of the website, does require your prior consent. By using the website, you agree to the use of long-term cookies provided that you do not prevent the installation of these cookies by changing the settings on your computer. This also applies to third-party cookies.

Web beacons: the website may contain pixel graphics. These are called "web beacons", "single-pixel GIFs" or "clear GIFs". Third parties may use web beacons to learn more about the behavior of your website visitors and to measure the effectiveness of advertising activities. Web beacons can also be used in promotional emails to determine whether they are opened and trigger user activity. The information stored in web beacons will only be linked to your personal data if you have given your prior consent. By clicking on a link in an advertising e-mail sent to you with your consent, you agree to the use of web beacons, provided that you do not prevent the installation of these web beacons by changing the settings in your computer.

Current cookies used on the website (current state of our cookie use, their purpose, their impact on privacy and their durability):

Session ID: The web server may set session cookies that are necessary to use certain interactive elements of the website (e.g. contact forms or login). The cookie contains a session ID, which distinguishes your visit to our website from any other visitor who visits the website at the same time. Session cookies are necessary for using the website and do not require your consent.

Analytics: the website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics installs multiple first mover cookies, which guarantees that each subsequent visit to the website can be assigned to the same (unique) visitor. Moreover, this way you can see how you found the page.

Website navigation: the content management tool sets several first mover cookies. These are session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser. These cookies determine the correct functioning of our website. This data is bundled and can be assigned to someone.

Based on the data recorded with the help of the first mover cookies, reports are drawn up in bundled form, which clarify how the visitor came to the website and how he uses it. This report provides information about all visitor behavior. This information is used to update and improve the website.

Third-party cookies: Third-party cookies are cookies set by partners. If this partner is given permission to place a cookie on a page of a website, the website provider will point out the rules and inform you that the report of the information collected using such cookies constitutes the visitor's consent required. You can refuse this permission if you change the settings of your computer.

Cookies from advertising partners are used and external third-party content is built into the website. This concerns cookies that are part of the domain of the third parties and are therefore presented and managed by these third parties. These third parties include Facebook and Twitter. You can view the cookie guidelines of these third parties on their relevant websites. Furthermore, the Google Maps tool and the Facebook "I like" plugin are used. The data protection provisions of this supplier apply. The website provider has no direct control over the content of the cookies that these plugins set.

Other: Occasionally other services are tested that can place cookies on your computer. In that case, the corresponding usage method is applied here.

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